This Hotel Style Coat Hanger is a must have and will look amazing where ever you mount it with its GWR (Great Westen Railway) 1832 Logo.

It is mounted on a piece of reclaimed floorboard from a demolished pub in Worksop.It measures overall approx 34cm x 26cm and stands out from the wall by approx 17cm.

The hanger will be removed from the wood for posting to prevent any chance of damage you will just need to re attach using the predrilled holes and screws provided.

The wood has been sympathetically sanded and clear waxed using a high quality wax to bring out the aged patina of the wood. It can also have due to its age cracks, knots, old nail holes and signs of historic woodworm which all adds to the character and unique qualities of each piece.

Please note the colour and appearance may vary due to the age of the wood.please message me.

Hotel Style Hanger GWR (Great Western Railway)

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